Rev. John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

Director, Center for Philosophy of Religion

Professorial Fellow, Logos Institute for Analytic & Exegetical Theology,

University of St. Andrews


Curriculum Vitae

The Center for Philosophy of Religion

The Center for Philosophy of Religion promotes new research in theistic and Christian philosophy and fosters dialogue between philosophy and theology, through residential fellowships, grants, multi-year research initiatives, conferences, workshops, lectures, and public debates.

The Logos Institute for Analytic & Exegetical Theology

The Logos Institute is a centre for excellence in the study of analytic and exegetical theology. It is committed to scholarship that reflects a concern for: transparency; simplicity in expression; clear, logical argumentation; and rigorous analysis. It also reflects a radical commitment to interdisciplinary engagement, particularly between the fields of philosophy, theology, biblical studies, and the sciences.

The Experience Project (2014-2017)

The Experience Project is a $4.8 million, three-year initiative at the University of Notre Dame and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The project explores how work on transformative experiences may illumine our understanding of religious and spiritual experiences. We intend to fund research on the nature of experience in philosophy, psychology, sociology, philosophy of religion, theology, and religious studies.